Financial Matters

Cost of Treatment:

The cost of treatment varies based upon the level of care required, the length of stay and any additional required services.  Services included in the per day rates for the primary program are group and individual therapy, education courses, materials, recreational activities and participation in daily AA/NA meetings.

Separately billed services include, but are not limited to laboratory services, EKGs, prescription medications, medical visits and psychiatric evaluations, one-on-one nursing care and any additional off-site services such as emergency room visits or off-site neuropsychiatric testing.

If you are utilizing insurance to help cover the cost of treatment, your share of the charges incurred for services while at Fellowship Hall may be based upon an agreement between your health insurance plan and Fellowship Hall.

EFFECTIVE 11/1/2013

Primary Program

Detoxification $695 per day
Inpatient $545 per day
Residential $550 per day
Partial $400 per day
Partial-Lodging $35 per night
(not covered by insurance)

Extended Program

Extended Treatment $265 per day*

Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient $205 per visit
Gateway House  $450 per month (plus IOP fees)
Early Recovery Group $240 per twelve sessions

Family Program

Four Day $275 per person
One Day Educational $ 70 per person


Professional Assessment $2,500

*Guests will attend the primary program prior to transitioning to the Extended Treatment Program.  Guests will spend a total of 90 days in treatment.