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Addiction & The Importance of Early Intervention

Addiction is a disease and much like other diseases, early intervention offers the greatest opportunity for a successful course of treatment. The effects of alcohol and drugs on the individual can vary drastically based on usage patterns, genetic predispositions and environmental factors making treatment more nuanced than it may seem.

A focused and individualized treatment program such as the one offered by Fellowship Hall is critical to an individual’s long-term sobriety. Patients will usually begin their course of treatment with medical intervention called detoxification. This process flushes the toxins from the addict’s body and stabilizes them for a longer-term course of therapy. Early intervention can be critical to the detox process as the length of treatment and severity of withdrawal symptoms can be minimized with early action.

Further, the long-term therapy and comprehensive aftercare process can be more successful in a guest whose abuse was caught sooner. Addiction targets receptors in the brain, changing the individual’s behavior to the point where eventually, consequences don’t matter anymore. Stopping this degenerative process and returning the addict to a degree of normalcy before hitting rock bottom can make long-term sobriety easier.

We have seen the effects of addiction. It can destroy the lives of not only the addicts themselves, but the family and friends that love and care of them. And though there is no cure for this debilitating and dangerous disease, we can manage it through effective and medical, behavioral and cognitive therapies. As such we encourage anyone who suspects alcohol or drug use and abuse to intervene as swiftly as possible, ideally with the help of a qualified professional.

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