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FY20 Impact & Annual Report

Despite the uncertainty and stress the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to us and the world, we have persevered and stayed on our mission: to save lives from alcohol and drug addictions.

Our staff has responded to the crisis with dedication and professionalism. But like most treatment providers across the U.S., we have seen swift fluctuations in our admissions over the last year. These sudden decreases in our admissions resulted in monthly losses for March, April, May and August, for a total of $738,465.

We were able to weather the storm of these losses and the added expenses related to operating under our Infection Control and Pandemic Plan protocols with the assistance of the Corona-virus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act’s Paycheck Protection loan program, NC Pandemic Recovery Office, AND generous support in response to COVID from the SECU Foundation and the Anne L. and George H. Clapp Charitable and Educational Trust. We are fortunate to have ended our fiscal year on 9/30/20 with funds on hand to help us through the next six months as we continue to battle the pandemic.

For complete information please click the image to download our 2020 Impact & Annual Report.