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Recovery Tip from a Counselor: Michael Bryant on Trusting the Process

Recovery Tip from a Counselor: Michael Bryant on Trusting the Process

This blog is a part of our ongoing series on recovery tips. Each month, a Fellowship Hall counselor will give our readers their very best tips for getting treatment, being successful in therapy, and maintaining sobriety.  Be sure to read them all.

If you’ve ever baked something before, you know it can be hard to look at the ingredients, or event batter or dough and imagine it as the final product, hopefully, a delicious baked good. That’s because baking is a process that requires patience, much like the process of recovery. Recovery works on you, “bakes” you, shapes you. It takes work, time, and consistency.

Fellowship Hall Primary Counselor, Michael Bryant, shared his best recovery tips for the blog and emphasized the importance of the beautiful process.

Michael’s Best Tips…

Recovery First: When I think about “tips” for recovery, I invite everyone to keep their recovery their top priority. You’ll know what your priorities are by what you practice. Remember that you must build your life around your recovery, not your recovery around your life.

The Four P’s: I also always emphasize something called The four P’s.

Live by the PRINCIPLES of the Program.
Stay in the PROCESS
And you will receive the Promises

The Process: Most people fall short in the process. We get a program (AA or NA), we live by the principles (12-Steps), but we don’t stay in the process because we’re looking for a quick fix or instant gratification—we grow weary in the well-doing of recovery. Be willing to stay in the process, it is essential to receive the promises.

Reach Out: You must always remember this is a “WE” program and not an “I” program. No one recovers alone. Lean on your support network.

Rely on your Higher Power as You Understand it: Reliance on a higher power is what provides the power to move through the various phases of your recovery. Reliance on a higher power empowers and equips us to move forward in our recovery. Self-reliance takes us back to our addiction.


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Contributed by: Michael Bryant Primary Counselor, BS/CSAC/CPSS