About Us

A History of Saving Lives

Fellowship Hall was begun as the dream of four recovering alcoholic businessmen who wanted to help others suffering from the disease of alcoholism. Fellowship Hall’s treatment program, focusing on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, was modeled after the program used at Harbor House in Memphis, Tennessee. Fellowship Hall opened for business on December 21, 1971.

Fellowship Hall was first surveyed by a national accreditation body, The Joint Commission in 1974, and has been continuously accredited by the organization since that time. The facility has the distinction of being the first Alcohol and Drug Treatment Specialty Hospital licensed by the State of North Carolina.

Fellowship Hall is a 99-bed private, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) facility treating adult men and women. The original program has expanded to serve those suffering from drug addiction, utilizing the Narcotics Anonymous principles and steps. The Board of Directors, through careful management of resources and prudent long-range planning, has kept the fee for services significantly lower than that of comparable facilities.

Fellowship Hall is a mission-driven and value-oriented organization that is considered by professionals in the field of addiction as “the grandfather of treatment” in this area of the country. Fellowship Hall has earned the reputation of being a center of teaching excellence. We provide substance use disorder training to Duke University Health System’s Psychiatric Residency Program, as well as training to local universities’ nursing and counseling programs.

There are many things unique about Fellowship Hall, and we are different for a reason – to afford our guests the best possible opportunity to find the answers they seek. The goal of providing exceptional, cost-effective care ensures that each guest is treated with dignity and respect, and is given the opportunity to begin recovery in a serene environment.

Fellowship Hall has treated over 28,000 guests. The Board of Directors continues to provide the leadership and resources to perpetuate the dream on which Fellowship Hall was founded – to provide a “Gateway to Freedom.”

How we operate… Our Mission, Vision & Values

It is the mission of Fellowship Hall to help people who suffer from substance use disorder, and to provide compassionate, cost-effective care while maintaining our commitment to a Twelve-Step philosophy.

It is our vision to be a recognized leader in substance use disorder treatment by ensuring every individual we serve receives exceptional, cost-effective care.

The Board of Directors of Fellowship Hall believes the success of the Hall is directly related to a set of collective values we hold, share and practice. These values form a basis for every action we take toward guests, family members, volunteers and each other. They are: integrity, honesty, dependability, quality, responsibility, attitude, and service.

Fellowship Hall’s Strategic Plan will is a guiding framework for the operations and initiatives of this longstanding and highly regarded organization. We have great opportunities to build stronger partnerships and serve new populations amid changing healthcare trends and brisk competition. 

Our Strategic Plan

In 2017, we began working our three-year strategic plan to achieve five goals:

  1. Leadership…to empower our staff, board, and directors to strive for excellence and engagement
  2. Financial Stability…to maintain a balanced budget by effectively managing income and expenses
  3. Service…to develop and enhance care, treatment, and services for our guests, families, staff and stakeholders
  4. Facility Improvements…to improve or upgrade facilities as we are financially able
  5. Partnerships & Collaborations…to develop ongoing partnerships, collaborations, and relationships with stakeholders