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Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Charlotte, NC

Mecklenburg County is the largest and most densely populated county in North Carolina. Charlotte is its largest city. As in any urban and densely populated area, drug and alcohol abuse is a major concern. 2009 SAMHSA data shows that in urban populations, such as Charlotte, the four most commonly abused drugs are alcohol, heroin, marijuana and cocaine. In fact, the heroin problem that has resurfaced over the past decade across the US has also affected Charlotte.

2014 State of the County

A review of the 2014 State of the County Health Report highlighted many interesting statistics across Mecklenburg County. Poverty and unemployment rates are lower, and median income is higher, than North Carolina as a whole. Also, those achieving an associate’s degree or higher is almost 50%. These are all positive developments when it comes to fighting substance abuse. However, the proportion of uninsured people in Mecklenburg is slightly higher than North Carolina as a whole – and insurance status does affect access to appropriate care.

Interestingly, mental health issues rank as a #2 priority for residents of Mecklenburg County. This is very positive news as behavioral health issues are not top of mind often enough, which leads to an unacceptably low number of patients receiving appropriate care. Fellowship Hall’s goals do not include treatment alone. Rather, we strive to disseminate important information about drug abuse while also reducing the stigma associated with drug treatment. Our goal is to improve access to care and increase the proportion of North Carolinians that receive life changing, even life-saving, treatment for drugs and alcohol.

What to Do About A Loved One and Substance Abuse

You may find yourself thinking – Intervention! While they seem easy enough on TV, interventions must be handled delicately and with proper professional guidance, or one can easily push the addict further from treatment. The key is to lean on experience – in the form of a trained substance abuse professional. Learn more about interventions.

If you or someone you know may be suffering from substance abuse in Charlotte, your first step is a confidential phone call to learn more about the treatment process. Fellowship Hall is only 90 miles away from Charlotte and our patients receive 24-hour care when they enter one of our full-time residential programs.