Admissions Criteria

At Fellowship Hall, we want to ensure that we are the best fit for your individual treatment. Our prospective admission must:

  • Exhibit a pattern of harmful alcohol/chemical abuse.
  • Be able to understand the program and be willing to participate.
  • Be able to take care of his/her own physical needs.
  • Provide background medical information, including permission to contact the personal physician.
  • Accept financial responsibility for the cost of treatment through insurance benefits and/or personal resources.
  • Be admitted to an individual treatment program.

It is desirable that a family member, or a close friend, accompany the guest on admission, in order to furnish pertinent information about the guest and to be provided information about our Family Program.

Fellowship Hall is an accredited hospital and bills on a services-rendered basis. Many health insurance companies cover the cost of treatment, and can be verified through our Admissions Office.

Should you need any further information, please contact our Admissions Office at 336.621.3381 or 800.659.3381