Admissions Counselor/Part Time

The Part Time Admissions Counselor will be:

Responsible for fielding calls from persons interested in possible admission for themselves or others.  Responsible for providing a description of the program and facility, conveying the requirements for admission, and securing the information needed to determine appropriateness of the individual seeking admission, and making referrals to other programs when indicated.  Will coordinate with Medical, Therapy, and Administrative staff to insure that prospective admissions are clinically appropriate, physically able to meet criteria, and financially viable.  Will distribute information on admissions to appropriate staff and schedules arrivals to maximize bed occupancy.  Responsible for maintaining documentation to assist Business Services and statistical reports.  

The Part-Time schedule will be: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (12:30pm – 9:00pm). Additional shifts (PRN) as needed/available.


Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree in human service-related field, and specific knowledge of addiction and treatment.

Preferred Education: Workshops and in services in addiction treatment.

Minimum Experience: 1 year or more experience with assessment, triage, and/or disposition processing with substance use population.