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Extended Care

Our Extended treatment program is a safe, healthy, and intimate treatment community that allows you to further your recovery efforts. 

In Extended Treatment, you’ll go beyond the work begun in our Primary Program for an additional 8-10 weeks. Extended is also an option for licensed professionals who are required by your professional monitoring boards to participate in a 90-day program.

Through the recognition of unresolved issues associated with loss, grief, unresolved family wounds and other core issue work, you can begin the healing process. As we work to identify core issues together, you will work to develop a personalized relapse prevention plan to disrupt relapse patterns that may have plagued you in the past.

Built upon a solid foundation of 12-step recovery and structured therapeutic treatment, you’ll participate in educational lectures, meditation, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), biofeedback, art therapy, music therapy, and yoga three times a week, as well as daily group counseling and ongoing individual counseling.

As part of our Extended Program, you’ll have access to Early Recovery Group once you have completed Extended.