Family Treatment Programs

Two Families Together

Please Note: Due to COVID-19, our Family Treatment Programs have been modified in an effort to limit the risk of exposure on campus. 

To enhance the healing process, Fellowship Hall involves family members and loved ones in the treatment and recovery process. Family involvement is an integral part of healing for both the alcoholic/addict and family members. At Fellowship Hall, we have discovered that guests who have family members participate in our Family Treatment Programs have much better treatment outcomes.

Families directly affected by substance use disorder experience a great deal of stress, fear, and sadness. Their unsuccessful attempts to deal with the impact of their loved one’s disease often results in feelings of frustration, hopelessness, numbness, and coping mechanisms that create dysfunctional patterns. Slowly, the family foundation begins to crack and eventually fail.

Through education and support to restore self-respect, trust and hope, our Family Programs give participants a better understanding of the dynamics of substance use disorder. It offers family members and loved ones a new perspective.

Family Therapy Program

Under normal circumstances, our Family Therapy Program offers education and group therapy, as well as an individual therapy session. The goals of the program include improved communication and strengthened relationships. Due to the pandemic, the program has been temporarily modified and is delivered  via educational videos online. We look forward to re-instating in-person group sessions as our nation and state move toward containment of the coronavirus.

Topics Addressed in the Family Therapy Program:

  • Understanding the Disease Model of Substance Use Disorder
  • Codependency
  • Boundaries
  • Family Roles
  • Aftercare Plans and Recovery Goals
  • Family Support

Once your loved one is at Fellowship Hall for treatment, their counselor will make a recommendation about family members attending the Family Therapy Program. Family members will be contacted about participation in this program.

Family Education Program

Due to COVID-19, our Family Education Program has been suspended until further notice. Under normal operating circumstances, we offer a 1 day Family Education Program open to anyone in the community and family members of guests at any level of care. The program does not have a counseling component but is an excellent opportunity for extended family members to learn about substance use disorder from a professional substance use therapist.