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Professionals Program Greensboro

At Fellowship Hall, we understand the balancing act professionals face each day between managing the demands of your clients, customers, and patients – to being there for your family and taking care of yourself.

As a guest in our Professionals Program, you’ll participate in a week-long specialized track of group counseling focusing on the stigma associated with substance use recovery and the benefit of working with your professional monitoring organization.

Your program begins with a panel discussion led by professionals in recovery who share their individual and collective experiences, strengths, and hopes. Each week, you’ll work with your peers to process specific issues you face.

We’ll also address returning to work, self-care, burn-out, stress reduction, and workplace risk factors.

Our Program is specially formatted to help you balance the demands of your profession with your personal life and health. We work with your monitoring organization to connect you with additional services to support your recovery.