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Durham, North Carolina Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Durham has been a leader in the identification and treatment of substance abuse disorders within city and county limits. As part of that commitment, Duke University’s Center for Child and Family Policy compiled a very detailed report1 on the state of substance abuse in the county at the beginning of 2014.

The report shows that, while progress is being made on several fronts, there are also many drug and alcohol related issues that continue to plague Durham. Using a 3-year average summary, comparing 2004-2006 and 2009-2011, some of the most striking trends are:

  • Deaths associated with substance use are up 33% and prescription drugs up 75%
  • Total homelessness is up 35%
  • Drug and alcohol related complaints to Durham County Sheriff up 35%

On a more positive note:

  • Total alcohol related crashes down 2% (even as alcohol sales have increased)
  • Total adult DUI arrests down 33%
  • Total arrests for sales of drugs down 36%

While this data gives us a point of reference, it is not the entire picture. As we know, money spent on substance abuse rehab pays off significantly in terms of reduced costs to society. As we invest in better treatment for those suffering from addiction, more of these key statistics will improve.

What’s Next

The first step in the recovery process is always the hardest – deciding whom to trust. To make this choice, it is important that you call an established drug treatment facility such as Fellowship Hall to better understand the road ahead. You may have questions such as “How Does Detox Differ from Treatment?” and “How Long Will Treatment Last?”

Fellowship Hall is a leader in alcohol and drug addiction both in North Carolina and nationwide. Our program has proven itself and serves as a model for treatment centers across the US. We look forward to helping you or a loved one through this difficult time.

1 Evans, K., Weber, R., & Gifford, E. (2014, February 3). SUBSTANCE USE AND ABUSE IN DURHAM COUNTY. Retrieved August 24, 2015.