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Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Options in Greensboro, NC

Fellowship Hall recognizes that the road to drug and alcohol recovery is unique, just as your experience with alcohol and drugs has been. The pain, suffering, and disruption to daily life and the support systems available vary from person-to-person.

We are dedicated to providing outstanding care to each of our guests on our campus in Greensboro, NC. We welcome guests from across North Carolina including all major metropolitan areas (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Durham, High Point, Burlington, and Charlotte) as well as all points in between and beyond. 

Personalized Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery in Greensboro, NC

Fellowship Hall offers a continuum of care to meet you where you are in the progression of your addiction disease. Each level of care addresses your needs at different times in your drug and alcohol recovery process. Our alcohol and drug recovery treatment programs are evidence-based, and when needed, we offer medication assisted treatment. We incorporate a 12-step philosophy into our programs as it provides a proven support system to help you sustain your recovery.