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Young Adults Program Greensboro

Research tells us that Young Adults face a different set of treatment issues than their older counterparts. At Fellowship Hall, we screen our Young Adults (aged 18-25) at admission for participation in our Young Adults Program with an average length of stay between 16-30 days, dependent on each individual’s personalized treatment plan.

Born into an environment built on technology that can drive isolation, bullying, and unflexed social skills, you can lack the knowhow of cultivating sincere relationships with peers, teachers, and parents. The stress associated with these challenges can lead to self-medication through alcohol or drugs.

In our Young Adults program we focus on the challenges you face and equip you with tools to face them – such as building a strong support network, developing healthy interests, and visioning a future in long-term drug and alcohol recovery. Young adults are involved in 12-Step meetings and experiential activities that are designed to meet your needs as you integrate into a 12-Step recovery program that supports a long-term drug and alcohol recovery process.