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Our Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs Work

Fellowship Hall offers a continuum of care to meet you where you are and address your needs at different times in your drug and alcohol recovery process. With more than 50 years of providing services, we know our treatment programs work.

We monitor the success of our programs through information gathered from alumni, post discharge, through our Continuing Care Program. Alumni tell us they are doing better, remaining clean and sober, and improving their relationships with family, friends, and employers.


At one year after treatment, 66% of guests who participated in our Continuing Care Program in 2023, sustained their drug and alcohol recovery. Of the 34% who relapsed, 78% effectively managed relapse and regained their sobriety before reaching one year post treatment.


Before leaving Fellowship Hall, we equip you with personal contacts and information on building a strong support network in your local community. 77% of our Alumni report that they regularly attend AA or NA meetings, to build their network and help them stay on track.


At one year after treatment, 95% of our guests report they have an improved quality of life with no law-enforcement encounters or SUD related hospital stays. In addition,  96% report they are either working or attending school.