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Health & Safety Protocols

We are committed to your health and safety.

We continue to monitor information from the CDC and implement changes as recommended.

Facilities & Staff Management

  • We frequently disinfect surfaces throughout our campus.
  • Staff members are required to wear protective face masks that are in compliance with CDC guidelines at all times other than eating while social distancing or alone.
  • Staff are expected to maintain a space of 6’ from other individuals and wash hands frequently.
  • All campus visitors are required to wear protective masks.

New Admissions

  • A new admission may be accompanied by ONLY 1 support person.
  • Upon arrival, new admission must park in our traffic circle and phone Admissions staff at 336-553-6596 or 336-621-3381.
  • Nursing staff, in full Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), will conduct a COVID screening and obtain you and your support person’s temperatures.
    • If you or your support person answer “yes” to any screening question and/or has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, our medical team will determine next steps.
  • After passing screening, you will be directed to nursing station for a PCR COVID test via nasal swab. Test results will generally be available within 25-40 minutes. Your support person will be directed to our lobby to await test results.
    • Negative test result: you will join support person to wait in our lobby until the nursing assessment is complete.
    • Positive test result: 10-day quarantine at home will be recommended with eligibility to return for admission after completing quarantine and you are free from all symptoms.
  • You are asked to bring protective face masks that are in compliance with CDC guidelines which DO NOT include: face shields, gaiter style masks, bandanas, or masks with valves.

While In Treatment

  • You are required to wear a protective face mask at all times while on campus other than eating while social distancing or alone.
  • You are expected to maintain a space of 6’ from other individuals and wash hands frequently.
  • Your health is monitored daily, including temperature checks.
  • If you exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 while in treatment, you will be isolated in a designated room and tested.
    • Negative test result: you may return to the treatment program.
    • Positive test result: you will be discharged and advised to quarantine at home for 10 days and contact your healthcare provider for further guidance. You are eligible for readmission after 10 day quarantine and approval from the Fellowship Hall medical team.
  • Family members may mail care packages to: Guest Name, Fellowship Hall, 5140 Dunstan Rd., Greensboro NC 27405.
  • You are permitted, after the initial 7 days of treatment, to contact family via video call under the supervision of your counselor, during your two weekly counseling sessions. For example, if you are admitted on a Monday, you will have phone privileges beginning the next Monday.
  • You are asked to refrain from physical contact with one another.
  • At discharge, your family members or loved ones must remain in their automobile upon arrival and contact our switchboard at 336-621-3381. Family members may not enter the facility. You will be notified when your family members arrive.

Operating Changes

  • Proof of COVID vaccination is required to participate in our in-person 4-day Family Therapy Program and our one-day Family Education Workshop.
  • For family members who have not been vaccinated, Family Program videos are available online.
  • Early Recovery Groups are operating under the following requirements:
    • groups consist of no more than 12 group members and 1 counselor
    • all participants must complete temperature checks and COVID screening upon arrival to the Alumni Outpatient Building
    • participants are required to wear protective face coverings while on campus
    • participants may only enter the Alumni Outpatient Center and are not permitted in any other areas on campus, including guest smoking areas.

About Confidentiality

Your safety and well-being is our top priority. Your identity while at Fellowship Hall is protected by federal law. We will not release acknowledgement or any information about your treatment at Fellowship Hall, unless you sign a release granting permission for release of information.