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What To Bring to Our Greensboro Treatment Center

Here’s a packing list to help you prepare for your time with us:

  • Photo ID, health insurance card, FMLA or disability documentation
  • Cell phone (to access as permitted or needed for contacts or other information)
  • Comfortable, casual clothing (jeans, slacks, sport shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, sweatpants/suits, tennis shoes, sandals, light-weight jacket, heavier coat in winter)
  • Hairdryers, curling or straightening iron
  • New and unopened toiletry items (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, shaving cream, soap, cosmetics, personal hygiene items – but no flushable wipes)
  • ALL items must fit into one suitcase. Additional bags regardless of size, are NOT permitted
  • Cigarettes are permitted. Please note that Vapes are NOT permitted
  • You may bring one religious text to support your drug and alcohol recovery
  • Blank journals

What NOT to bring

  • Do not overpack. Do not bring more than one suitcase. Any additional luggage items may be returned to the family member accompanying you or shipped back home at your expense
  • Do not bring valuables such as: large sums of money, expensive jewelry, laptops, or other electronic equipment
  • Do not bring clothing that depicts tobacco products, drugs, alcohol, sex, or other inappropriate language or slang
  • Do not bring tank/halter tops, bike shorts, torn clothing, running shorts, or swimsuits
  • Do not bring linens, towels, blankets, or pillows
  • Do not bring over-the-counter medications
  • Do not bring dietary supplements including vitamin water, protein powders, energy bars, creams or ointments
  • Do not bring vapes, vape juice, e juice, or e liquid
  • Do not bring snacks
  • Do not bring drinks
  • Do not bring flushable wipes
  • Do not bring protein drinks
  • Do not bring homemade foods or goods, protein bars, or supplements
  • Do not bring hand sanitizer or mouthwash containing alcohol
  • Do not bring aerosol sprays such as hair spray, foot spray, deodorant, etc.
  • Do not bring self-tanning lotion
  • Do not bring straight razors or double-sided razor blades
  • Do not bring body spray, cologne, aftershave, or perfume
  • Do not bring travel-size toiletries with no listed ingredients
  • Do not bring hair dye
  • Do not bring shoe polish
  • Do not bring laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softener
  • Do not bring sexual devices, including condoms
  • Do not bring electronics, including: radio, MP3 player, clock radio, television, laptop or tablet, smart watches or devices, camera, recording device, electronic games, night light, flashlight, or space heater
  • Do not bring sports or exercise equipment
  • Do not bring candles and incense
  • Do not bring weapons of ANY kind (no guns, knives, mace/pepper spray)
  • Do not bring knitting or crochet needles/hooks
  • Do not bring an iron or steamer
  • Do not bring photos of people wearing explicit or skimpy clothing or clothing that references or has images of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco