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Men’s Residential Drug & Alcohol Recovery Program

Entering drug and alcohol recovery treatment can trigger many emotions including fear and uncertainty about a life in drug and alcohol recovery. Women and men recover differently and have unique drug and alcohol treatment needs. Research suggests that gender is an important component in substance use patterns, treatment, and relapse prevention. Gender also plays a role in an individual’s willingness to access drug and alcohol treatment. By acknowledging and understanding these differences, we can create a safe treatment environment that addresses specific gender needs and the inherent issues that affect long-term drug and alcohol recovery. At Fellowship Hall, you’ll receive individualized, trauma-informed care in an all-male living environment. Our Men’s Residential Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program is housed in our main building with an average length of stay between 16-30 days, depending on your individual needs.

You’ll be struck by the compassion and openness of our community. Here you will discover that you are not alone. As you work through your personal drug or alcohol treatment plan, you’ll find a community and connection through group counseling while working with your individual counselor on concerns about careers, priorities, family and more. As the transformation begins on the outside, our drug and alcohol recovery program has built in activities to also transform your physical and spiritual well-being.