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Alcohol & Drug Treatment Options if you live in Charlotte, NC

Mecklenburg County is the largest and most densely populated county in North Carolina; Charlotte is its largest city. As in any urban and densely populated area, drug and alcohol abuse is a major concern. Data shows that in urban populations, such as Charlotte, the four most commonly abused drugs are alcohol, heroin, marijuana and cocaine. In fact, the heroin problem that has resurfaced over the past decade across the US has affected Charlotte.

If you or someone you love are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, take the first step toward recovery by calling Fellowship Hall’s admissions counselors at 336.553.6596 for a confidential discussion to learn more about the treatment process and next best steps. Fellowship Hall is just 90 miles away from Charlotte. We were North Carolina’s first specialty hospital and offer 24/7 medical and clinical care in our residential treatment program.