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Winston Salem, North Carolina Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Winston Salem, North Carolina has been proactive in its understanding of alcohol and drug related substance abuse issues since 1990 when the city formed its Coalition on Alcohol & Drug Problems (now called the Coalition for Drug Abuse Prevention).

Heroin is becoming an ever-greater threat in urban areas such as Winston Salem. And the epidemic is affecting all strata of society from the poorest to the wealthiest. In fact, heroin overdoses and deaths have increased to epidemic proportions. Sadly, this terrible trend has only recently become front of mind in the national consciousness.

Effective Treatment is Nearby

Those suffering from alcohol or drug addiction and their families have a nationally recognized resource in Fellowship Hall only about a half hour away from Winston Salem. With our comprehensive detox, residential rehab and aftercare programs, we have successfully treated over 27,000 guests since our founding in 1971. Effective treatment and aftercare are the keys to preventing relapse.

What’s Next

We have all heard the stories of friends and loved ones that seemed to be on the path to a “cure” from the disease of addiction only to stumble and relapse. These stories often create despair and make it that much harder to take the first step toward drug and alcohol recovery – entering a treatment facility. However, at Fellowship Hall, we understand that there is no cure to addiction. Rather, the best treatment involves comprehensive therapies during the stay here at our facility followed by rock-solid aftercare and support. Indeed, we go to great lengths to help our guests live a long, drug-free life after leaving our program.

We look forward to helping you and your loved ones understand why Fellowship Hall is different. We believe that our program is not only effective in the early stages of drug and alcohol recovery but sets a stage for longer term success and freedom from relapse. In the meantime, we encourage you to read about relapse, why it happens and what to do.