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Can You Leave Treatment?

Treatment is not easy. It requires a dedication to self-improvement and a willingness to get better. Addiction is an all-consuming disease and when patients enter treatment, they have to adjust to a life without their drug of abuse. It is no wonder therefore that some patients decide to leave treatment Against Medical Advice (AMA).

Entering treatment is a commitment that should not be taken lightly and as such, we do everything in our power to keep our patients on track toward their ultimate goals. We want to see our patients complete therapy as outlined in the treatment plan that they helped create. The treatment center at Fellowship Hall is not, however, a locked facility. This means that patients may leave on their own free will and to their detriment.

Families are important in this regard as well. We encourage families to provide a supportive structure that promotes the completion of a full course of treatment. Many families will, throughout the course of treatment, have the opportunity to discuss how to play a positive role in their loved ones’ lives during treatment.

As for the addicts themselves, especially those that have just entered treatment, many do not realize how big a role they can play in their own recovery. Oftentimes, therefore, a patient’s decision to leave treatment is spur of the moment and made with limited information. After a frank discussion with their therapist and peers, many ultimately decide to stay, empowered by the influence they can have in the recovery process. Over time, they understand that their decisions made during treatment allow them to feel better and achieve their goals. This is a welcomed development, since a full course of treatment offers the very best chance of recovery and minimizes the potential for relapse.