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Asheville, North Carolina Alcohol & Drug Rehab

The city of Asheville has long been considered one of the most eclectic places in the Unites States. Combined with stunning surroundings, Asheville has made a name for itself the world over. However, the area also has a dark side that has landed it square in the crosshairs of drug traffickers. Indeed, the county including Asheville – Buncombe – is part of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program – a collaboration of federal, state and local agencies seeking to identify and curb areas that are significantly affected by drugs.

The result has been a spike in drug use and overdoses in the area that does not seem to have any end in sight. Because of the increase in abuse, especially involving heroin, government agencies, including the Asheville police force’s Drug Suppression Unit have made their initiatives a priority. For example, the Asheville police department has kept a detailed log of overdoses since early 2014 and have upped enforcement, especially as it relates to those selling and distributing drugs.

Even the US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of North Carolina has taken note, hosting a 2016 summit in Asheville and bringing to light the alarming increase in heroin and opioid abuse, addition and overdose.

Where to Turn for Help

While travel to Greensboro, over two hours away, may seem like a long way for drug treatment, not all programs and facilities are the same. In fact, there are many facilities that advertise drug rehab but relatively few facilities nationwide that can boast the success that guests at Fellowship Hall have enjoyed for the past 40+ years.

Further, the program at Fellowship Hall is truly a community. The detox and inpatient residential program may last up to 90 days with longer-term aftercare continuing for an additional three to four months. Upon successful completion of our program, our guests receive assistance and support with returning to “normal” life and coping with the struggles of early drug and alcohol recovery. No matter where our guests choose to go after their treatment, Fellowship Hall has the resources to assist them should the need arise at any point in the future.

We look forward to discussing travel and living arrangements with you or a loved one suffering from addiction. Making the call is the first and often the hardest step toward long-term sobriety and we hope to be there with you as you or your loved one achieves their goals.