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Fellowship Hall Is Proud To Welcome Dr. Mike Washo

All of us here at Fellowship Hall are thrilled to introduce our new Medical Director, Dr. Mike Washo. In fact, during his residency at Duke University Hospital in 2006, Dr. Washo rotated through the joint Fellowship Hall program. Now, almost a decade later, he has taken the helm of our medical program. He will oversee the care of each of our patients as they transition through the various levels of care here at our facility.

Detoxification from alcohol or drugs requires the greatest amount of medical supervision. During this time, Dr. Washo and our nursing staff will administer an appropriate treatment protocol that minimizes the effects of withdrawal. While eliminating drugs from a person’s system is intense, it offers the basis for which an effective treatment plan can be carried out to sobriety. Dr. Washo will also assist in the treatment of those with co-occurring disorders. As a trained psychiatrist, he will work closely in treating mental health issues alongside our addiction counselors.

We are excited to have the experience and leadership of a medical director such as Dr. Washo as we continue to treat our patients with the highest quality of care and a dedication to return them to a life free of drugs and alcohol.