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Fellowship Hall Launches New Comprehensive Approaches to Treatment

a guest in treatment

Not just a few new buildings.

Pull into our driveway and it’s apparent we are in the middle of a major expansion.  The newly completed Mose Kiser, Jr. Lodge is open and houses our expanded 24-bed Extended Treatment Program.  Still under construction and scheduled for completion this spring are an additional 16-bed residential lodge and a new outpatient center, future home to our outpatient and family programs plus a 200-seat conference/workshop hall and a gymnasium.

But what is most important – and what we’re extremely excited about – isn’t visible.

This month, Fellowship Hall launches a new, comprehensive approach to treatment — a cluster concept that allows for individualization and improved patient outcomes and includes four treatment options:

  • Young Adult Program. Designed for 18 to 27 year olds, with lectures and group structure for a population with unique recovery challenges, this program is for individuals who communicate and receive information in a social and time short-hand.
  • Relapse Program. Designed for individuals who have had prior treatment experience but have been unable to sustain recovery, this program delves into the forensics of relapse.
  • Primary Treatment Program. Designed for first-time treatment and stabilization, Primary Treatment allows the patient to identify the problem and discover their individual pathway to “True-Self” and new answers.
  • Professionals Program. Recognizing the individual challenges that isolate the professional from reaching out for the help they need, this program is designed to focus on the unique aspects of the patient’s career and coordinates care and outcomes with the appropriate professional monitoring board.

Fellowship Hall’s Programs are built on a total abstinence, 12-step foundation initiated over 45 years ago by our founders.  Empowered by evidence-based modalities of treatment, we are dedicated to an ever-evolving “best practices” approach.  Our one constant is, “…to help people who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction….” Our new buildings, occupied with new programs and modalities of treatment, make us proud of what you can’t see when pulling into our driveway.

About Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall is a 96-bed, private, not-for-profit alcohol and drug treatment center nestled on 120 tranquil acres in Greensboro, NC. We provide treatment and programs based on the 12-Step model of recovery and have been accredited by the Joint Commission since 1974 as a specialty hospital. We are committed to providing exceptional, compassionate care to every individual we serve. We believe there is no substitute for integrity, honesty, dependability, quality, responsibility, attitude and service; we apply these values in our relationships with guests, staff, and the community at large.