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National Alcohol Awareness Month Is Here Again!


This April marks Alcohol Awareness Month, an important time for us to reflect on the damage that alcohol abuse can cause to the individual and their families and friends. We can also look at the opportunities available to us, collectively, to eradicate this insidious disease.

April 9th, today, is also National Alcohol Screening Day.

Today, we are reminded that Alcoholism remains woefully under-treated in the United States. Indeed, over 16 million adults have some kind of Alcohol-related Use Disorder (AUD). Unfortunately only 1.3 million people received appropriate treatment for their alcohol disorder – This according to a 2013 SAMHSA survey. For all of us, it means losing friends or family (in body or spirit) to this disease.

Alcoholism does not have to ruin lives any longer. By understanding the signs and symptoms of alcoholism, as well as knowing the proper avenues for treatment and recovery, we can start the process of eliminating this scourge form our society. The road will be long and hard, but we have made progress before and we can continue to do so in the future.

Remember, that help is just a confidential phone call away. Please feel free to contact us at any time at 800-659-3381. You can also take our interactive alcohol self-screening here: