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Family Treatment Programs Greensboro

Families need recovery, too. Families play an integral part in the healing process and are directly affected by your loved one’s struggle with addiction. The long-term impact of stress, fear, and sadness can lead to frustration and a feeling of hopelessness, undermining your family’s foundation. Through education and support, we help you to restore self-respect, trust, and hope. With a new perspective, you can improve and strengthen relationships, offering your loved one greater support as everyone gets a fresh start in recovery.

4-Day Family Therapy Program

Once your loved one enters treatment, you will be contacted about attending our 4-Day Family Therapy Program focused on helping you to understand substance use disorder while learning how to recognize co-dependency, set boundaries and goals, and build your own support system. This program includes group and individual therapy sessions.

Family Education Workshop

If you’ve been wondering what substance use disorder really is and how to best help your loved one who is struggling, our Family Education Workshop can provide some answers. Offered on the first Friday of each month, the workshop is led by a licensed professional substance use therapist and is open to family and community members.