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What Is A Typical Day at Fellowship Hall Like?

Each day at Fellowship Hall is filled with counseling, education, medical support, companionship and the hope of recovery. Guests are involved in a variety of activities designed to lead them to self-awareness, improved health, and a lifetime of sobriety.


The day begins early with everyone dressed and at breakfast by 7:30 a.m. At 8:30, all guests assemble for a meeting called the Eye Opener, during which the Thought for the Day is read, the day is organized, and all guests being discharged have the opportunity to say goodbye. The rest of the morning is spent in various classes or in individual therapy with the assigned counselor; each guest has a minimum of two individual sessions per week. The classes range from lectures on various aspects of addiction, to study of the Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous texts, to discharge classes on how to maintain sobriety. Some guests also participate in relapse prevention classes, drug education classes or grief groups, depending on individual needs. Lunch is served at noon.


The afternoon begins with group therapy daily (except on Sunday), with 10-12 guests per group led by a counselor. This is followed at 3:00 by activities therapy for all guests who have been medically cleared by the doctor; an activities coordinator leads the group in a variety of games, exercises, dances and social events. Usually guests then have a free hour before dinner is served at 5:00. Meals at Fellowship Hall are served cafeteria-style, with a main entree, soup of the day, and salad bar offered. After a guest has been at Fellowship Hall for 7 days, Sunday visitation may be approved. A guest can complete a visitation request form and submit it to their counselor for review by the treatment team. Approved visitation is Sunday from 1:00-4:00pm.


In the evening, a short film is shown at 6:30 to those guests who are not going to an AA or NA meeting, but most guests attend a local Twelve Step Meeting four nights per week. On Sunday, a demonstration meeting is held at Fellowship Hall, and everyone attends. On Saturday, the Activities Coordinator plans a social event for guests to enjoy, such as a pizza party, feature film with popcorn, or games tournament. The day ends at 11:30 with “lights out.”

When not scheduled in class or therapy, guests are free to enjoy a variety of activities on their own. Meditation Trail winds its way almost a mile through the woods, with Step-themed garden spots along the way. It ends at a small pond, which is stocked with fish for catch-and-release fun. The Gratitude Garden offers a quiet space for contemplation, meditation, and visitation among native plants and trees. Our Activities Room features a ping-pong table, treadmills, elliptical trainers, punching bag and weight machine, with outdoor basketball hoops, volleyball net and horseshoe pits. A piano provides entertainment whenever a musical guest is in treatment or a staff member shows his/her talent. Of course, televisions are available for leisure-time watching as well. The beautifully-landscaped grounds and outdoor sitting areas are a favorite gathering place for sharing with others in the guest community.

Finding a comfortable and dignified environment, such a Fellowship Hall, is important to  recovery and learning to enjoy life free from alcohol and drugs.