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Your New Life Begins Here: Extended Treatment at Fellowship Hall


group therapy
According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a structured treatment program of 90-days or more improves the chances that an individual will be able to sustain their recovery and regain their quality of life. Our Extended Treatment program has an 85% success rate for helping our guests achieve abstinence from alcohol and/or drugs.

individual therapyOur Program Is Unique

Our holistic approach is built on a solid foundation combining 12-step philosophy, total abstinence and evidence-based modalities of therapy, delivered in intimate process groups, psycho-educational lectures, health coaching, and individual focused therapy.

Our program goes beyond the stabilization of Primary Treatment, allowing guests to delve deeper into the underlying issues that have prevented – or interrupted – their recovery. Through self-examination of our conditioned behaviors and unearthing unresolved trauma, Fellowship Hall helps the individual break away from the disease of addiction and recover their true self and life.

But our work doesn’t end here. Fellowship Hall provides education and resources to help guests and their family members maintain recovery with weekly aftercare through the counselor facilitated Early Recover Group. Beginning in spring 2016, we’ll also provide traditional Outpatient Counseling beyond our residential treatment programs.

About Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall is a 96-bed, private, not-for-profit alcohol and drug treatment center nestled on 120 tranquil acres in Greensboro, NC. We provide treatment and evidenced-based programs based on abstinence and the 12-step model of recovery. We have been accredited by the Joint Commissions since 1974 as a specialty hospital. We are committed to providing exceptional, compassionate care to every individual we serve. We believe there is no substitute for integrity, honesty, dependability, quality, responsibility, attitude and service; we apply these values in our relationships with guests, staff, and the community at large.