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5 Reasons to Attend Recovery Meetings

There are many benefits to consistently attending meetings throughout your recovery.  Here are a few reasons to encourage you to stay the course:

Make new friends
It’s not unusual to outgrow some of the relationships you had when you were using.  You may find that most of the people around you are your recovery friends who understand your challenges.  Attending meetings will give you an opportunity to build new friendships with those who share goals similar to yours.

Learn how to conquer cravings
Cravings are normal.  Everyone who has engaged in addictive behavior in the past will experience uncomfortable cravings during recovery.  The good news: cravings will subside if you work your plan. Recovery meetings can help you learn new coping strategies in a supportive environment, while you determine what works best for you.

See your Higher Power at work
With so many distractions, it can be difficult to see a Higher Power at work in your life each day, but when you hear your friends share their personal miracles, it becomes easier to see the ways your Higher Power is at work.

Have people to hold you accountable
There is a long list of to-dos when it comes to living a life in recovery. It can be overwhelming but having a community to help hold yourself accountable is important.  Connecting with your peers at meetings allows you to have people who can check in with you and help you stay on course. Support from others in recovery is essential, providing insight and understanding that friends and family might not be able to give you.

Know you’re not alone
In active addiction, it’s not uncommon to isolate yourself from friends and family. But in recovery, you come to know that you are not alone.  Meetings can give you a sense of belonging and an opportunity to stay connected to a vital support community.

Attending meetings can help you prevent the occurrence of a relapse, see the miracles in your life and provide you with the opportunity to give and receive from others. Be encouraged to find your closest meeting and get involved. It can make all the difference.